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As a storyteller and liberation coach, my mission is to help others break free from the narratives society has imposed on them. Everyone has a unique story, and my job is to provide the tools and resources needed to uncover and share those stories. Through my coaching, I encourage people to embrace their strengths and passions while acknowledging their challenges and obstacles with love and understanding. Together, we can work towards liberation and create a world full of flourishing individuals living their most authentic lives.

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My Story

As a little girl, my grandmother and her friends had a cheeky nickname for me. Because. She said I was always asking questions, and she was right. My curiosity is part of what makes me who I am, and it is one of the values that guide my work as a storyteller and coach.

The other value is liberation.

Curiosity and liberation came together when my young family and I lived with my parents in 2019. Displaced after our landlord decided to sell our home (and not to us), my spouse, two small children, and I moved into the bedroom my sister and I shared as a teenager. It highlighted the more significant affordable housing crisis Raleigh was (and still is) embroiled in and the waves of impact it was having across the population. My hometown was now rejecting, pushing hundreds of native citizens—those who lifted Raleigh from a generic southern capital city into a historical center of progressive art, innovation, and justice— because their incomes were smaller than the transplants from the North and West. 

Sometimes curiosity + liberation = anger.

After attending an event that, like a wolf in sheep's clothing, was a speaking engagement for luxury developers and self-interested politicians disguised as a community conversation on Raleigh's housing crisis, I came home that night and wrote the first blog post published on this website, "The Vision of the Poor." Years of my personal liberation journey converged with a passionate curiosity about how Raleigh's Black, brown, and working-class white citizens had been shuffled about and disrespected by the city's elites for hundreds of years, and that had had enough.

The piece opened doors for me that I never anticipated, and I walked through each one with increasing confidence in my calling to guide people in liberating the power within through sharing the empowering stories of others.

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