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Human Design 101: What on Earth is Human Design?

If you are a fan of #woowooinstagram — or follow @courtney.has.words — then you've probably seen posts about something called Human Design.

Human Design (HD) is a metaphysical theory of human microevolution developed by Ra Uru Hu. It combines physics with the ancient wisdom traditions of the I-Ching, astrology, Kabbala, and the chakra system to illustrate the unique personality, design, and perspective of each human being. Also, Human Design hypothesizes that your unique design will provide you with the knowledge of your own decision-making process — called Strategy and Authority (or Inner Authority) — that you were more with and counteracts the conditioning (or societal influence) that frustrates our lives. The idea is to learn your design, uncover your Strategy and Authority, unlearn the ways society has tried to make us forget, and relearn how to trust yourself and your body.

As a womanist and someone who is passionate about the work of collective liberation, I see Human Design as a particularly interesting tool or language that can be of great use to the cause. It's clear to me that society, and American society, in particular, has invested unfathomable resources to condition humanity to see themselves a certain way and behave according to that ideal or role. Conditioning, as it is referred to in HD, is essentially colonialism and its many cousins, like racism, sexism, ableism, and homophobia.

The celebration of human differentiation and the work of radical self-trust are, I believe, the most important factors in liberation. In a society built on supremacist delusion, we see the danger of allowing it to tell us who we are and what we are capable of. The "culture wars" as we call them are the natural result of people allowing the identities of others to determine the sanctity and veracity of their own. The belief that the existence of a person or group (or the existence of information about that person or group) can, in any way, endanger another person or group is absolutely preposterous and false. The same is true about sharing a bathroom with another, competing with another, or treating another with kindness and respect -- none of these things are harmful in any way even if you are too young to understand your own identity fully. So, in this historic moment when a group of people is literally outlawing the public existence of another group of people, or information about that group, while still taking their tax money and their labor, is the heart of fascism.

HD is, I believe, an exciting tool for folks who appreciate ancient wisdom traditions like Tarot and Astrology, while still searching for a more robust mechanism for everyday intuitive decision-making. HD illustrates how an individual can tap into their own individual authority and strategy for discerning what is best for them, and can therefore optimize their interaction and collaboration with others. It is learning what our truest guide is, so we can confidently experience all the world has to offer without the pressure of becoming an unwilling participant or consumer.

I hope this post begins to answer some questions about HD and its applications. Please share any questions in the comment section!

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