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Exclusive Services

My storytelling and liberation coaching services are guided by both practical and esoteric wisdom traditions like womanist theology, Human Design, astrology, liberation psychology, and more.

With a training background in ministry and extensive experience in supporting individuals and groups, I believe in deep listening, authentic encouragement, and cultivating radical self-love and self-trust as the most effective strategies for lasting change and growth.

Storytelling Coaching (1-on-1)

Discover the power of your story with my personalized storytelling coaching. As a storyteller and liberation coach, I believe that a good story can have a lasting impact on our lives. I offer one-on-one coaching to help you craft and communicate your message with clarity and conviction. Whether you need to develop an exhibition statement, a new product line, or articulate your project's vision for a grant, 'll provide the tools and guidance you need to succeed.


Liberation Coaching (1-on-1)

My Liberation Coaching (1-on-1) service, inspired by the teachings of Paulo Freire, is designed to guide you through your journey towards personal liberation. Our approach focuses on the emancipation of labor, overcoming isolation, and affirming your full personhood so you can live your life on your terms. Our coaching sessions provide a safe space for you to explore your innermost desires, gain clarity, and take action towards the life you want.


Creativity Coaching (1-on-1)

Don’t let creative blocks stand in the way of reaching your full potential. With my Creativity Coaching (1-on-1) service, I provide personalized coaching to help you overcome obstacles and achieve your creative goals. From writing and podcast production to publishing and curation, my diverse experience is at your disposal. Let’s clear the path to your creativity together.


Group & Organizational Facilitation

I understand that companies, organizations, and community groups have unique needs when it comes to liberation, storytelling, creativity, and more. That's why I offer group and organization facilitation services that utilize the latest in dialogical praxis and emergent strategy concepts. Together, we'll create personalized and highly interactive workshops, seminars, and strategizing sessions that will help your team thrive.

Past Projects and Creative Collaborations

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