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Introducing HDxLiberation Podcast!

I am elated to announce that Human Design guide, speaker, and coach Andrea Ward Berg and I have started a podcast! Andrea and I met two years ago through Instagram. I had just begun my Human Design journey the year before, and I was excitedly looking for others to learn from. I quickly found that the style and substance of Human Design influencers on social media are quite...pumpkin spice latte. I just had a hard time relating to the glamour shots and marketing tips most content creators shared on their timelines. Human Design had massive potential to support personal and collective liberation, and I hoped to find others who felt the same way.

Then, Andrea replied to a comment I shared on a friend's Instagram post. I took a peek at her profile and was impressed by both her knowledge of HD and her outspoken passion for social justice. I immediately sent her a DM and invited her to stay connected. Soon, I joined her HD study group and bought her coaching services. Her guidance and wisdom helped me accomplish an incredible shift in my life and career, but that wasn't the most inspiring part of working with her. I felt completely seen and heard by Andrea, more clearly than any coach or mentor I've ever had (and I've had some excellent mentors!). During my time working with Andrea, we also became close friends.

HDxLiberation Podcast has been such a gift. Andrea and I longed for a place where we could express our ideas surrounding the mobilization of HD as a tool for social justice and liberation. We wanted to show the connections between the deconditioning process and the journey of identity development and cultural critique. We wanted to explore the connections between inner authority and the power of somatics. HDxLiberation Podcast has become an outlet to understand these subjects more deeply as we literally uncover connections and discover new depths together.

If you're interested in or intrigued by Human Design or Liberation Theology/studies, please head to my "Listen" page to check it out! And, if you like what you hear, please follow HDxLiberation Podcast on your favorite streaming outlet, subscribe to our YouTube Channel, and join our Patreon.

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